Anti Graffiti

Graffiti removal

Graffiti protection

Surface sealing


We offer effective graffiti removal without residual shadows on all surfaces. Thanks to our skilled and environmentally-friendly graffiti removal, your facade will be safeguarded from further damage.


We offer highly effective graffiti protection. Sealing the facade with a single coat of Euro Guardian will enable any fresh graffiti to be removed with the minimum of effort, up to 500 times, without damage to the surface. This means the graffiti becomes effectively water-soluble.


This lasting protection against graffiti and the rapid and effortless graffiti removal from any surface helps to keep graffiti sprayers away from your property. 


Experience in fighting graffiti shows:

The faster graffiti is removed, the lower the likelihood that the surface will be disfigured again. After all, an artist wants to exhibit his work. If these works are always destroyed within a very short time, the artist simply incurs costs, without achieving the goal of “exhibiting his work”. After a few fruitless attempts, a sealed surface is generally avoided.