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If you touch a toilet seat, you wash your hands afterwards. But no one gives a second thought when moistening their index finger with the tongue to turn over a page while working at the computer-keyboard. Although in many cases, it would be less reckless to do the same with the toilet seat.


Our 2006 bacterial study shows that questionable hygiene conditions are sometimes found at the workplace. Telephones, mice and keyboards are often highly contaminated with bacteria. Frequently even to a much higher degree than toilet seats. 

  • Around as many as 1040 living germs are to be found on the buttons of a keyboard.
  • On average, a mouse houses up to 400 micro-organisms.
  • Depending on its size, the telephone provides space for 250 to 400 living bacteria.


The micro-organisms can be transferred to the fingers and cause infections, should the fingers come into contact with the mouth (licking fingers, chewing fingernails, etc.). Germs transferred on the skin through the telephone ear-piece may cause undesirable reactions to the people (ranging from skin reddening to inflammations), especially to those with an inadequate immune response.


Nowadays people often are no longer conscious of the need of thorough cleaning and disinfection of office equipment. In order to prevent the spread of germs (and pathogens of every kind), office equipment must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. 


Our Neroform G disinfectant already demonstrated to kill over 98% of all bacteria within 60 seconds. In addition, Neroform G’s long-term protection almost totally prevents the formation of new bacterial sources for a whole month. 


Are you concerned about the hygiene conditions at your workplace? Our field staff will be pleased to take a sample swab from your keyboard and evaluate it on site, free of charge. The hygiene test with the luminometer is able to determine the bacterial contamination within a few minutes. Call us now.


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