Graffiti is an aesthetic problem. On business premises, it has a detrimental effect on a company’s image and on apartment buildings it may make the apartments more difficult to let. 

Moreover, graffiti attacks concrete, facades, plastics and other materials. On buildings, the water vapour permeability may also be severely reduced by the multiple layers of paint, resulting in damage to the interior of the structure (mould formation). 

Graffiti removal can be difficult. Aggressive cleaning agents and solvents not only attack the unwanted graffiti, they also damage the existing paint of the facade. This means that it is generally necessary to repaint the cleaned facade. 

As an entirely unintended result, there is a new and virgin canvas for the artists to “embellish” once again with varying levels of skill. This is the reason why graffiti is frequently not removed immediately, but left untouched, sometimes for years. 




Our solution – graffiti removal and graffiti protection


A long-lasting remedy for your graffiti is now available.


We offer effective graffiti removal without residual shadows on all surfaces.

Thanks to our skilled and environmentally-friendly graffiti removal, your facade will be safeguarded from further damage.



 We offer highly effective graffiti protection. Sealing the facade with a single coat of Euro Guardian will enable any fresh graffiti to be removed with the minimum of effort, up to 500 times, without damage to the surface. This means the graffiti becomes effectively water-soluble.


Surfaces treated with this anti-graffiti system are not only easier to look after and keep clean, but also much cheaper to maintain. The expense of painting is avoided and cleaning costs are much lower because the graffiti becomes virtually water-soluble. An investment in long-term protection will have paid for itself after just three graffiti attacks. In most places, this means that the payback time is probably less than a year; in exposed sites, it could be as little as weeks or months.  

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