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Graffiti removal, Graffiti protection,

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Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy

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The Euro Guardian products are only available through licensed and trained partner companies and are not on general sale in Switzerland. This is to ensure that high quality standards are maintained. Use of the products calls for extensive technical know-how, especially in the area of permanent anti-graffiti sealants. Unskilled application of the products may fail to achieve the desired effect.


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Euro Guardian products for graffiti cleaning and removal

  • Graffiti Remover: for cleaning graffiti from smooth surfaces such as metal, ceramics, polished natural stone, plastics, etc. as well as from Euro Guardian “Coating” and “Shield”
  • Graffiti Remover plus: for removing graffiti from porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, etc. May also be used on non-porous surfaces and on Euro Guardian Coating
  • Shadow Remover: complete removal of residual graffiti shadows. For use only on unpainted surfaces such as concrete, cement, masonry, brickwork, natural stone, etc.
  • Graffiti Gel: for removing graffiti from smooth, porous surfaces such as metal, brick, natural stone, masonry, concrete, cement etc. Unsuitable for painted surfaces
  • Graffiti Paste: for cleaning graffiti from porous surfaces such as marble and natural stone, various painted surfaces, plastics, Euro Guardian Coating 2K and WB


Produkte Graffitiversiegelung permanent (Coating):

  • Permanent coating.Tough, two-component polyurethane coating. Anti-graffiti protective coating with long-term effect. Graffiti may be removed up to 500 times without renewing the coating.


Produkte AntiGraffiti Opferschicht (Shield):

  • Environment-friendly impregnating system with an anti-graffiti protective layer. Semi-permanent sacrificial layer. Following graffiti removal, the sacrificial layer must be renewed.