Euro Guardian products for Graffiti removal and protection


We offer effective graffiti removal without residual shadows on all surfaces.Thanks to our skilled and environmentally-friendly graffiti removal, your facade will be safeguarded from further damage.


Plastic Cleaner: for cleaning graffiti from plexiglas, acrylic glass, vinyl, plastics, polycarbonates.


Graffiti Remover: for cleaning graffiti from smooth surfaces such as metal, ceramics, polished natural stone, plastics, etc. as well as from Euro Guardian “Coating” and “Shield”.


Graffiti Remover plus: for removing graffiti from porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, etc. May also be used on non-porous surfaces and on Euro Guardian Coating.


Shadow Remover: complete removal of residual graffiti shadows. For use only on unpainted surfaces such as concrete, cement, masonry, brickwork, natural stone, etc.


Graffiti Gel: for removing graffiti from smooth, porous surfaces such as metal, brick, natural stone, masonry, concrete, cement etc. Unsuitable for painted surfaces.


Graffiti Paste: for cleaning graffiti from porous surfaces such as marble and natural stone, various painted surfaces, plastics, Euro Guardian Coating 2K and WB