Euro Guardian products for graffiti protection

  • Graffiti protection with Graffiti Shield (sacrificial layer).

    The Graffiti Shield is suitable for surfaces that have to remain highly vapour-permeable. It is an environment-friendly impregnating system with an anti-graffiti protective layer. This enables effortless graffiti removal. Afterwards, the sacrificial layer has to be renewed. The facade, protected by the sacrificial layer, remains undamaged.
  • Long-term protection against graffiti thanks to Euro Guardian Coating.

    The coating is a long-term sealant for all surfaces that enables graffiti to be removed effortlessly. Removing the graffiti does not damage the coating: the effortless graffiti removal can be repeated up to 500 times before the coating has to be renewed. The anti-graffiti coating is suitable for all surfaces on which a slightly reduced water vapour permeability is acceptable.
  •  Priming

    The Euro Guardian primers improve the adhesion of the anti-graffiti coating. Priming is advisable on highly absorbent surfaces and reduces the coating material requirement. Moreover, it reinforces the substrate, improving the adhesion of the coating.



With this anti-graffiti system the care and cleaning systems of surfaces are not only simplified but also significantly reduced. Costs for repainting and cleaning are much lower because graffiti become almost washable. Already after the third spray, the investment has paid off in the long term protection. In most places the 'payback period' takes less than one year, on exposed areas even just a few weeks or months.