A long-lasting remedy against paint daubing and graffiti attacks is now available. Sealing the facade with a coat of Euro Guardian will enable any fresh graffiti to be removed with the minimum of effort, up to 500 times, without damage to the facade. This means the graffiti becomes effectively water-soluble.


Euro Guardian – a 2-component system for graffiti removal and protection  

With Euro Guardian products, we offer graffiti cleaning and protection on any surface. Euro Guardian provides a complete, coordinated protection and cleaning system – the solution to your graffiti problems. Companies, property managers and communes in Switzerland and abroad place their trust in it.


How you can benefit from Euro Guardian:

Graffiti removal

Professional and expert graffiti removal from unprotected surfaces using ph-neutral, environment-friendly products that do not damage the surface. No shadows remain.


Graffiti protection with Graffiti Shield (sacrificial layer).

The Graffiti Shield is suitable for surfaces that have to remain highly vapour-permeable. It is an environment-friendly impregnating system with an anti-graffiti protective layer. This enables effortless graffiti removal. Afterwards, the sacrificial layer has to be renewed. The facade, protected by the sacrificial layer, remains undamaged.


Graffiti long-term protection with Graffiti Coating.

The coating is a long-term sealant for all surfaces that enables graffiti to be removed effortlessly. Removing the graffiti does not damage the coating: the effortless graffiti removal can be repeated up to 500 times before the coating has to be renewed. The anti-graffiti coating is suitable for all surfaces on which a slightly reduced water vapour permeability is acceptable. 


You can rely on our experienced specialists and licensed partners. Our service does not end with the application of the protection.

EWB before the removal and protection - EWB Front after the removal and protection