Hygiene test

Our bacterial study shows: Dust adhering to surfaces and other contaminations transferred by the fingers always contain micro-organisms from many sources.


Germs transferred to the skin via the telephone earpiece and mouthpiece may cause skin reddening and eczema. 


Once transferred onto the fingers, the infective agents from the keyboards become effective when the fingers make contact with the eyes. Conjunctivitis, diarrhoea or even the transmission of far worse illnesses may result.


Check the hygiene conditions of your workplace! Our field staff will be pleased to take a sample swab from your keyboard and evaluate it on site, free of charge.



Luminometer PD-20

The ATP-/AMP measurement instrument is also used for hygiene control of foodproducts and in pharmaceutical industries, wherever bacterial and organic residues are present in unknown quantities and may pose a hazard, on a keyboard for example.  




free test at your office







a fast and sterile sampling with the Luminometer






evaluation within 2 minutes