Cleaning and Disinfection of office equipment

By cleaning your telephones and keyboards with Nerolit followed by disinfection with Neroform G, over 98% of all bacteria are destroyed within 60 seconds, as has been proven in several tests. Telephones, keyboards and mice are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination because of the way in which they are used. In addition, Neroform G’s long-term protection almost totally prevents the formation of new bacterial sources for a whole month.


  • telephone
  • radio installation
  • intercom and interphone systems
  • instrument panel & switchboard
  • microphone & earpiece
  • cordless phone
  • handy
  • switchboard
  • computer
  • keyboard
  • mouse



cleaning of office equipment

Without disinfection we clean the following equipment:

  • screen
  • typewriter
  • fax
  • Telex
  • printer
  • copier
  • flex


disinfection prices