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To enable you to keep bacterial build-up at bay on your equipment in between our cleaning intervals (with thorough disinfection), we offer the following products:

Surface cleaning cloths


Set for cleaning and disinfection containing 4 wipes:

1 NERO-DATA wet wipe for equipment cleaning

1 NERO-VITRO wet wipe for monitor cleaning

1 NEROFORM wet wipe for disinfection

1 drying cloth


Neroform 70 ml

Disinfection spray


Surface disinfection with long-lasting action

Fast and efficient disinfection of all surfaces in the office, hospital and home

Guards against infectious diseases, bacteria and fungi 



Neroform package

The Neroform package is the complete cleaning and disinfection set. It contains:

one set of surface cleaning wipes (5 x 4 cleaning wipes)

one Neroform disinfection spray

one Neromano hand disinfection spray


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